When do you like to write?

I started my soon-to-be-released (I hope) historical fiction novel four years ago because I wanted something to pass my lunch hour at work.

My usual routine was to eat lunch at my desk in five minutes and spend the rest of my lunch break surfing the net for information about my fantasy football teams.

But football season isn’t year-round. Once that ended, I needed another way to spend my time and started working on a novel. I did the bulk of the writing at home, after my kids had gone to bed, so that makes me a combo lunchtime dasher/nightime keyboard smasher.

I am not one to write in the morning, however. It’s never really worked for me. And my energy wanes after about 11 p.m., so that’s not a productive time, either.

I haven’t yet tried to write when I wake up in the early morning and can’t get back to sleep.

When do you do your best writing? Leave a comment below, and thanks for reading.

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