Past Projects

Here are some of the projects I have worked on in the past few years, either through critiquing chapters on the website or with authors I met in various Facebook groups. Click on the cover to be taken to its page on Amazon.

Vsevolod Ioannovich Romanov is a member of the Russian Imperial family, a Prince of the Imperial Blood….. and a spy against the Nazis.
Cover of Queenie's Place
QUEENIE’S PLACE, set in rural North Carolina in the early seventies, is the story of an unusual sisterhood between a thirty-something white woman from California and a fifty-something black women from the south.
Are Lyuba and Günter star-crossed lovers? When they first meet in 1933 Soviet Russia, their young love is filled with hope and naiveté until Günter disappears. Her fleeting relationship with him has devastating consequences, forcing her to take a humiliating way out to save herself and her family.
Image of cover of Lotus Blossom Unfurling
Following WWII, Japan is broken and in ruins, the people are starving. Nobuko Ito, a Japanese-American trapped in Japan by the war, and temporarily denied the right to return to her home in California, decides to remain in Japan after learning both her parents have died.
Benjamin Carter is a programming genius, and the world is his oyster. A seven-figure salary, meals in top restaurants, and glamorous girlfriends come with the territory. He lives in a cozy bubble that is quite separate from the dystopian world outside. But when Carter is wrongly accused of computer crimes, his life descends into a nightmare.
Image of Echoes from a Falling Bridge cover
In 1939, Nobuko Ito, a young Japanese-American woman, travels from her home in California to Japan, where she is to learn the culture of her ancestors. Tensions grow between the two countries. Soon her country and the country she has grown to love are at war.
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