Todd’s writing

I self-published my first book in 2018, a how-to guide for Recreational poker players. TOURNAMENT POKER FOR RECREATIONAL PLAYERS is written for non-professional players who want to take their game to a higher level.

I self-published my first novel in October 2019. ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR DREAMS is a Hallmark-style clean romance. When former professional football star Michael Hudson runs into the front door of Hannah Knight’s restaurant on a snowy, winter day, long-lost dreams for each bubble to the surface. Click here to read the first chapter.

A TOMORROW WORTH LIVING FOR was released on Amazon publishing in spring 2020. I’ve posted the first chapter for those who like World War II. A cross between The Book Thief and The Nightingale, this five-star rated novel tells the story of a family who survives the brutal Nazi occupation of France with the strongest weapons of all–Faith and Hope.

If you are an Amazon Kindle subscriber, all my books are included for free in your subscription. If you read one and enjoy it, please leave a rating and/or review.

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