Christmas Land (2015)

IMDB rating: 6.0

Jules, a big city marketing executive, inherits her grandmother’s run-down Christmas Land theme village and Christmas tree farm that she loved as a child. She decides to sell it, much to the dismay of the townsfolk, who thought she was going to re-open the village and save them from their humdrum lives of sitting around and waiting for someone to save them from their humdrum lives.

Tucker is the local estate attorney who grew up in the Podunk town. He went to a fancy law school and graduated top of his class, but decided the glitz and glamour and seven-figure salary of a big city law firm wasn’t for him. He returns home, hangs out his shingle and takes part-time jobs to make ends meet while waiting for townsfolk to die so he can settle their estates.

Jules’ greedy boyfriend finds a greedy developer who grew up going to Christmas Land but has the emotional depth of a serial killer. He makes an offer, vaguely implying he might not destroy the village, then promptly announces his plans to do exactly that as soon as the ink dries on Jules’ signature (it’s a real shame she didn’t know a good estate attorney who could have read the contract for her).

After seeing the pain and heartache she’s caused the townsfolk, Jules tries to buy it back from the Grinch developer. He’ll sell it to her, but wants a million bucks more than he paid for it. In cash. By Christmas Eve.

Luckily for Jules, the townsfolk have been squirreling away cash in coffee cans for years on the off chance that someone would do something stupid like sell the village to a greedy developer. They give her the money to buy back the land so they can continue living the idyllic small-town life they know and love.

Relationship status: Destitute after blowing all her savings to buy back the village, Jules loses it in foreclosure two years later to the greedy developer. Tucker organizes a posse to tar and feather her before running her out of town.

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