Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses (2019)

IMDB rating: 6.6

Abbey is a down-on-her-luck single mom who dreams of being an interior designer while slaving away as director of programming at a senior living home. Nick is anything but jolly. A grouchy billionaire who hates Christmas and everything associated with it. Even so, he’s throwing a holiday gala at his estate on Christmas Eve and needs someone to decorate said estate.

Cue the worst job interview imaginable. Abbey is unprepared and can’t answer basic questions. When it becomes apparent she’s not qualified, she erupts in anger at Nick and his female assistant, claims they were never going to hire her, whines about the dozens of minutes she wasted pretending to prepare for the interview, and stomps off in a huff.

This display of spunk apparently convinces Nick she can do the job (either that, or her rocking body does the trick) and he hires her on the spot, much to the chagrin of anyone within earshot. (Note to Hallmark script writers: No one ever gets hired because of their spunk.)

In standard Hallmark fashion, she and Nick spend every second of each day together planning the event he’s paying her a princely sum to plan. She can’t put up a single decoration or buy a piece of furniture without his approval, but her lack of vision is made up for with a body that fills out a ball gown like nobody’s business.

Also in standard Hallmark fashion, she is wooed by a doctor who would be a much better choice, actually loves Christmas, and isn’t a cold-hearted man of business. In an effort to deny her attraction to the frigid billionaire, she asks the doctor on a date even though she has no interest in him.

She ultimately gives in to the billionaire’s advances, ditching the kind-hearted doctor like yesterday’s newspaper. Sure hope her children never need any medical care.

WTF: Despite the title, there were no kisses underneath the mistletoe.

Relationship status: She marries the billionaire and within a year starts a torrid affair with the doctor.

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